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About Us

About Ragazzi:

Cafe Ragazzi distinguishes itself for its extraordinary Italian cuisine

with irresistible and magnificent dishes – offering a delicious alternative to savor the best Italian seasoning.

Prominent chefs have passed through its kitchen, leaving a mark and pleasant memories for frequently returning visitors.


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Montaner Family

Cafe Ragazzi’s proprietor, Ricardo Montaner – has made an important effort to stock and maintain one of the most expansive and diverse wine selections in south Florida, proudly offering the finest selections from Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, California, and Spain. One of the greatest representations of Cafe Ragazzi is its magnificent atmosphere at night. This has created an inviting ambiance and one that is frequented by a multitude of personalities ranging from all over the world. Movie stars, musicians, politicians, and professional athletes have all experienced Cafe Ragazzi. You never know which celebrity you may run into when you’re here!

Traditional cuisine
with a warm and
inviting ambience

Ricardo Montaner

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner was born in Avellaneda, on September 8, 1957. Stage name Ricardo Montaner, is an Argentine singer-songwriter, naturalized Venezuelan, Colombian and Dominican.
Throughout his career he has sold more than 25 million records.He is the father of fellow musicians Mau & Ricky and Evaluna Montaner.

Marlene Rodríguez:

Her full name is Marlene Salomé Rodríguez Miranda. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on October 22, 1964. She is an excellent director and producer of audiovisual productions.
Marlene Rodríguez married Ricardo Montaner in 1989 and they renew their vows every five years. She is definitely the inspiration for her husband’s songs. She has always been the core of her family.

Mau Montaner

Mauricio Alberto Reglero Rodríguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela on August 17, 199. He is married to Sara Escobar, a beautiful and talented Colombian Woman. Mau is a member of the musical duo “Mau y Ricky” along with his older brother.

Ricky Montaner

His full name is Ricardo Andrés Reglero Rodríguez, he was born on November 21, 1990, belongs to the musical group “Mau y Ricky”, which he formed with his brother Mau Montaner. He got married with Argentine actress and television presenter Stefanía Roitman in January 2022.

Evaluna Montaner

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodriguez, is a singer/actress, she was born on August 7, 1997 in Caracas Venezuela. Throughout her artistic career, she has participated in series and movies such as “Club 57”, “Hot Pursuit”, among others. She has released several singles that receive millions of views on different streaming platforms.